Care Treatment Before and After your Appointment

Important things to consider before and after your Hijama Cupping session.

Before your Appointment


Wear Comfortable Clothing

Dress in loose and comfortable clothing that provides easy access to the areas where cupping will take place.


Arrive Early 

Arrive 15 minutes ahead of your scheduled time for a prompt start.



Fill Out Form

Complete the medical history form online in advance.

Avoid Eating

Refrain from eating or drinking two hours before your appointment. This practice ensures that you receive the most effective treatment.

After your Appointment


Apply Oils

Apply Olive Oil, Blackseed Oil, or Coconut Oil on the cupped areas every 4-5 hours for about 2-3 days.


Get Rest

Give your body rest for the next 24 hours, sleep is recommended.


No Strenuous Exercise

For the next 24 hours refrain from going to the gym, sexual activities, cycling, soccer, basketball, etc.

Limit Showers

Refrain from showering for at least 12 hours. If needed, do not shampoo cupped areas and apply oils after the shower.