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Health Benefits of Hijama Cupping

Hijama is an excellent form of preventative and curative therapy and useful for treating many muscular, skeletal, neurological, immune, cardio-vascular, respiratory, digestive and urinary issues. Below are some of the ways Hijama helps:

Improves Immune System

Improves Circulatory System

Cleanses and Detoxifies the body

Improves intellect and memory

Treats Illnesses & Provides Pain Relief


What is HIJAMA?

Hijama Cupping is an ancient holistic and therapeutic treatment that has been practiced over 5 thousand years by many cultures. In Arabic, it means “sucking;” sucking the stagnant blood that is on the surface of the skin.

A Forgotten Sunnah

Our Prophet ﷺ was treated by means of cupping. It was narrated from Anas ibn Maalik, the Messenger of Allah ﷺ said: “On the night on which I was taken on the Night Journey (Isra’), I did not pass by any group (of angels) but they said to me: “O Muhammad, tell your nation to use cupping.” Sunnan Ibn Majaah (hadith 3479)

Client Testimonials

Abdirizak Daud
Abdirizak Daud
Very good place to do hijama
l Ali
l Ali
Subxaanallah! I felt amazing after one hour of this therapy. Allah Baarik. I felt a lot of weight lifted off from my shoulders and head. Alxamdulillah. Whoever has a headache either migraine or tension, don’t hesitate to do hijama. It’s amazing wallahi.
Tanzida Zaman
Tanzida Zaman
I did my first ever Hijama/Cupping session yesterday, and I am so happy with my experience. This is a family run practice and they are super professional and kind. They usually open at 11 am but made an exception for me and opened at 10 am. They also took the time to explain the process and gave me advice on which package to pick. They treated me with a lot of care and respect. The room setup is very aesthetic and extremely clean. They informed me that all the cupping materials they use are disposable (one time use only) which made me feel safe. They have a separate room for women, so I had full privacy. The after care instructions were also well explained. I will definitely be returning. They also offer facias, I am excited to try that next. If you are in two minds, dont be. Give them a try, I highly recommend it!
Abdullahi Ilmi
Abdullahi Ilmi
ROANAQ OSMAN He knows what is doing masha allah I will be back After three month thank you so much 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 my allah give you good health too brother 🤲🏻✅
Faiza Busuri
Faiza Busuri
They are very welcoming and treat you with respect. They helped my family out a lot!
Maryan Ali
Maryan Ali
My friend and I got hijama done and we both like the service we received, and we both will be coming back soon. After Hijama I felt relaxed and my muscles were more lose then ever. Alx Thanks a lot

General Questions

What is Hijama?

Hijama in Arabic means, “SUCKING” the stagnated or toxic blood. Hijama is a clinical, therapeutic, curative, and spiritual practice involving the use of hollow, rounded utensils called “cups”, small surgical blades, and a hand-held piece of equipment known as a “pump”. These are used to draw toxins from the body, stretch out muscles, relieve pressure in the blood vessels, and stimulate the immune system.

What does Detoxification do?

Detoxification can reduce the toxic overload. Detoxification cleansing can be done by fasting, dietary changes, Hijama (Cupping), hydrotherapy: sauna/steam, supports immune function.

Process of Hijama

Hijama is a process where we use a suction pump to create suction on the skin and muscle. This is called the negative pressure. The suction process pulls dead blood cells and toxins, thick and stagnated debris to the surface. Then by making superficial very small, shallow incisions to the first layer of skin, known as Epidermis. You cannot even see the blood coming out until you apply the suction again to pull out the toxic blood, excess fluids, and acids from the body. Thus, it is a natural and powerful detox. We get ill because of the toxicity in our body caused by junk food and drink, medications, chemicals, and other factors (Internal, External, and behavioral). These clog up our system and block essential vitamins, minerals, and oxygen from nourishing our cells in a healthy manner. This makes the body become weak and deteriorate. Removing toxicity from the body through the process of Hijama kick-starts the immune system and allows the body to heal itself, achieving homeostatic balance.

“The Best of Medicines”

Hijama was declared the best of medicines by Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), alongside the Quran.
He (peace and blessings be upon him) said: “Cupping is the most helpful procedure for human beings to cure themselves.” (Sahih al-Bukhari º5357)

Why fast 3 hours prior to Hijama?

At MN Hijama Therapy, we ask on whom Hijama is being done, to refrain from eating or drinking (beverages) for approximately three hours before performing Hijama (Cupping) treatment. The reason is to understand that the human body increases blood flow to the digestive system via the superior mesenteric artery in order to help break the food down, which results in less blood flow to the other bodily tissues. When there is less or no food the body is now redirecting blood from the digestive tract to areas where repairing tissues is needed. Fasting allows the moving of cholesterol deposits that aligns with blood vessels thus allowing by removing an excess amount along with other toxins during Hijama (Cupping) treatment. This enables to improve the effectiveness in the treatment plan by understanding the fasting issue which then addresses the health of each patient into consideration.