Process of Hijama

Hijama is a process where we use a suction pump to create suction on the skin and muscle. This is called the negative pressure. The suction process pulls dead blood cells and toxins, thick and stagnated debris to the surface. Then by making superficial very small, shallow incisions to the first layer of skin, know as Epidermis. You cannot even see the blood coming out until you apply the suction again to pull out the toxic blood, excess fluids and acids from the body. Thus, it is a natural and powerful detox. We get ill because of the toxicity in our body caused by junk food and drink, medications, chemicals and other factors (Internal, External and behavioral). These clog up our system and block essential vitamins, minerals, and oxygen from nourishing our cells in a healthy manner. This makes the body become weak and deteriorate. Removing toxicity from the body through the process of Hijama kick-starts the immune system and allows the body to heal itself, achieving homeostatic balance.